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Maltese Top Knot

This is an overview with tips on grooming a Maltese Show dog with two maltese top knots. Thank you to Eva & Chris Gillett of Unforgettable Maltese for the wonderful photos to illustrate creating maltese top knots so beautifully.

Supplies Needed

  • Metal Ended Rat Tail Comb
  • Non Latex Bands 3/16″ (4.5 mm)
  • Perm Wraps Papers or Mesh End Wraps
  • 3/8″ Maltese Bow Pairs

Model:: Champion Marcris Smarty Pants

Enjoy this video tutorial as well to show a show dog top knot being made.

Step 1: Use your rat tail comb to separate the hair on the top on the bridge of the nose and between the eyes.

Maltese Top Knot Step 1

You will want to section off the hair above the eyes at an angle,

Maltese Top Knot Step 2the hair sectioned will end up looking like a half moon shape.

Maltese Top Knot Step 3

 Step 2: Use the metal end of the rat tail comb and divide the hair down the middle

Maltese Top Knot Step 4dividing the half moon into two equal sections.

Maltese Top Knot Step 5


Step 3: Take one section at a time

Maltese Top Knot Step 6

Maltese Top Knot Step 7

and back comb the hair to add volume to the top knot.

Maltese Top Knot Step 8

Step 4: Put a very small 3/16″ non latex or latex band around the top of the back combed hair section.

Maltese Top Knot Step 9Use your rattail comb to smooth the front of the top knot poof. If you desire to make more of a poof to your Maltese Top Knot use the metal end of your comb, run it through the front of the top knot and pull the front out toward you a little, slowly until your desired puff is reached.

Maltese Top Knot Step 10


 Step 5: You will need two jumbo end wraps or mesh end wraps . It is a personal preference which kind you would like to use, both will make a nice clean looking little “horn”.

Maltese Top Knot Step 11-1

Maltese Top Knot Step 11-2Fold the paper lengthwise and wrap the paper around the base of the banded hair to cover the band and cover hair to create top knot “horn”.

Maltese Top Knot Step 11


Step 6: Use your rattail comb metal end to bend the wrapped end paper surrounded the hair over the comb and make a nice clean looking little paper box looking horn. 

Maltese Top Knot Step 12

Step 7: Use your non latex band and wrap around the folded wrapped hair. Wrap the band around 2-3 times.

Maltese Top Knot Step 13You will end up with a nice clean looking top knot horn.

Maltese Top Knot Step 14

Comb any stray hairs up and out of the eyes to smooth the front of the top knot.

Maltese Top Knot Step 15


Step 8:: Add your 3/8″ Maltese Bow Pairs and your done!

Maltese Top Knot Step 16You are now ready to head to the ring. Good luck!