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About Our Bows

I was born and raised in Wisconsin from a large family. I was always passionate about dogs from the time I was young. I saw my first maltese as a young girl and always wanted one.
IN 1999 I got my first Maltese and later became a AKC Maltese show breeder. I was a breeder for 8 years and enjoyed the dogs, the people but after having four children I made the decision to retire from breeding and showing of the purebred AKC Maltese dog breed. It was then the idea for DoggyBow was born.

Having bred and loved the breed, I learned a lot and made friends.  I knew I wanted to stay involved int he dog world somehow.  I created Doggy Bow and promarily grew it on Facebook, and through meeting people around the world.

I put a lot of thought into designing my bows. I use excellent materials that will be durable but also give me the ability to create bows that are distinct and unique with beauty. Thank you for visiting DoggyBow.com, please make sure to bookmark us and come again soon, we are always adding more dog bows.

Have a great day!

Maltese with dog bow

Carrie Peterson
Doggy Bow Owner
Professional Bow Designer

Doggy Bow was recently featured in Girlfriends Magazine, please click image to go read article on page 26.

Doggybow in Girlfriends Magazine