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In 2007, I had come to the decision to retire from a successful eight years in breeding and showing of the purebred AKC Maltese dog breed. During my years having and raising my precious Maltese as a part of my family, I grew to love sharing and educating the public about the beautiful Maltese breed I hold so dearly to my heart. It was then the idea for DoggyBow was born.

Maltese show grooming

Carrie at Maltese Dog Show

I had upheld the breed while I bred, raised and showed my Maltese. I also met wonderful people that I not only chose for my precious Maltese puppies, I also became great friends with many of them. Along the way, I learned many things one of them being how to groom. I had purchased many products and had groomed many types of Maltese coats. I also tried many grooming products and also many types of bows for pets, and for show dogs made by different companies. Most people like the Maltese dog bows in black to help bring out the black pigmentation in the Maltese on the halos around the eyes and the black nose and lips. The Maltese is shown until they are close to 1 year of age in a single top knot; usually, a single top knot is a 5/8″ bow until the puppy gets mature to about 12- 18 months old then they are shown with two top knots in the 3/8″ bows.

I now actually enjoy my business Doggy Bow. I own a precious little Maltese her name is “Porsha” she is my beloved little companion that can always been seen with one of our bows in her hair. I take great pleasure in creating gorgeous dog bows for dogs in the Show ring or simply for people dressing up their special little companions.

I create the bows by hand with hand sewing; they are never glued. I put a lot of thought into designing the bow. I purchase excellent materials that will be durable but also give me the ability to create bows that are distinct and unique with beauty.

crystal dog bow

7/8 Light Blue Crystal Star Sheer Dog Bow – #1212

I start with beautiful satin ribbon that is pre-treated to prevent fraying. Then, I sew the layers of the satin together by hand. I then choose a Swarovski™ crystal/s or a Swarovski™ Pearl, on some bows I use gold or silver beads to accent the bow to sparkle for that top notch look. After hand sewing the bow together, I sew on two non-latex rubber bands that are very durable and reusable. Lastly, I shape the bow and stiffen it to perfection for the winning look! I often use them on my Maltese pet Porsha to ensure their strength and multiple uses!
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Maltese with dog bow




Carrie Peterson
Doggy Bow Owner
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Doggy Bow was recently featured in Girlfriends Magazine, please click image to go read article on page 26.

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